What to Expect at Airports



Airports are going to be a very different experience at the airports going forward. To paint a picture of this journey:

  1. Customers will arrive at the airports where they will be channelled through the parking garages. To the best of our understanding the usual drop and go areas will not be open. It’s realistic to expect a degree of traffic congestion entering the airports.
  2. Only actual travellers, in possession of tickets/boarding passes and permits, will be allowed into the building. It’s realistic to expect that this entry process will take some time and that queues may form at the entrances. Travellers will be screened by Port Health Authority at the entrance to the airport where they will:
  3. Once in the terminal, check-in and security procedures will go as per usual, but you can expect social distancing in queues, plexiglass barriers, lots of hand sanitiser, and masks all around.
  4. Early indications are that the government will require ever passenger to wrap their lugagge at a cost of R90 per item.
  5. Chances are that clearing security, and even boarding, may take longer than usual given the sanitation measures.
  6. Customers will self-scan boarding passes and show ID without handing anything over to any other party.
  7. Boarding will be done in small groups to maintain social distance
  8. Travellers will be required to sanitise hands before entering the sterile aircraft.


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